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We specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of acid stabilization and PH control water treatment systems for homes and businesses in Charleston, SC.

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Acid Stabilization & PH Control Charleston, SC

PH control is critical to water treatment and safe drinking water in the Charleston area.  The normal PH range of your drinking water should be between 6-8.5 (on a scale of 0-14). If the PH levels in your drinking water are too low or too high, then you will need a water treatment system to help stabilize or balance the PH levels back to a more neutral level. This can help give you better drinking water and can help prevent plumbing corrosion. The type of water treatment system you need depends on if the PH levels are high or low. The only way to determine what your PH levels and what type of system your home may require are a water quality analysis by a licensed water technician.

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Acid Stabilization & PH Control FAQs

Here are some of the mot commonly asked questions about our acid stabilization & PH control systems from our customers

Why Do I Have Blue & Green Water Stains?

If you see blue and/or green water staining around your fixtures, it may be a sign that the the metal water pipes in your home or business is dissolving or corroding. This corrosion typically happens when there is too much acid in the water. When that corroded metal water sits for too long before it is treated, it will cause the blue and green stains you see. Corroded metal may also cause a metallic taste.

How to Fix Blue & Green Water Stains

The best way to fix this problem is to first have a licensed water technician test your water and determine if it is a PH problem. If he/she determines there is a problem, treatment of the water with acid stabilizer, PH control, and reverse osmosis systems works best in removing blue and green plumbing fixture stains. Acid stabilization and PH  control water treatment systems use a calcite mineral bed to correct the PH and stabilize the main water supply to residential homes and commercial businesses in Charleston, SC.