Get Filtered Water Straight From the Tap!

Are you considering investing in a water filtration system? Maybe you have a home with a private well water system or perhaps you have city water that needs more filtering. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Does your water stink like rotten eggs?
Does it stain plumbing fixtures orange or have rust in it?
Does your dishwasher/glassware have white spots?
Does your water taste bad?

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems Charleston, SC

We provide installation, start-up, and maintenance services on whole home water filtration systems in Charleston, SC that helps improve the quality of water in your home or business’s water supply. 

Our water filtration systems treats tap water and removes sediment at your home or business’s water source (where the water originates or enters the home) and helps ensure you have clean, filtered water in the shower, in the kitchen, in the laundry.

From filtering out chemicals and other contaminants to getting rid of that terrible egg smell and taste, our water filtration systems will improve the taste, smell and texture of your water to get you high quality, highly-filtered water straight from the tap consistently and reliably. Give us a call to get a water filter system in your home or business today!

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What are the Benefits of a Water Filtration System?

Removes sediments and other contaminants such as dirt, silt, clay and salt
Removes chemicals such as chlorine, corrosive acids, chloramine, and natural ground compounds
Remove minerals in the water like iron oxide (rust), calcium, and manganese which corrects discoloration.
Raise the PH of your water, oxidize dissolved metals such as iron, and help dissolve gases such as carbon dioxide.
Reduces collodial clay, virus, bacteria and cyst
Gets rid of rotten egg smell (sulfur)
Removes heavy metals such as titanium oxide which reduces Arsenic

Water Filtration FAQs

Here are some of the mot commonly asked questions about water filtration systems from our customers

How to Remove Iron or Manganese

Does your water have a strong metallic taste? Do you notice orangish, reddish, or black stains around your water sources? You may have iron or manganese in your water. Iron and manganese are often present in water, especially if your water supply comes from a very deep water well. You can typically tell if your water has iron in it if it tastes metallic-like or if you notice orangish-brown or reddish stains (rust-like) around your faucets, drains, or sinks. Manganese also has that metal taste and usually creates black stains around your faucets, drains, or sinks. The coloration from both comes from contact with oxygen (air). The best way to know for sure if there is iron or manganese in your water is to get a water test. Our water technicians are experts at removing iron and manganese from drinking water systems using state-of-the-art, whole-home water filtration systems.

How to Get Rid of Rotten Egg or Sulfur Smell

Ever wonder, "Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?" or, "Why does my water smell or taste like sulfur?" That "rotten egg" smell or taste is hydrogen sulfide gas, which comes from sulfur bacteria either from the groundwater, from the well, or from the plumbing system itself. You probably notice this odor when you run hot water, or perhaps you smell and taste it when you go to get a glass of water from the tap. This problem is very common, especially for people who get their water from a well and very easy to fix. For more than 13 years we have helped customers get rid of that rotten egg smell from their well water using our whole home water filtration systems.

How To Get Rid of Stinky, Hard, Rusty Well Water

Do you have stinky, hard, rusty well water? You might need to have your well water purified. Well water purification can be accomplished by an assortment of carbon, green sand, and softening resin beads. Our water treatment systems are the perfect solution to your well water water problems.

Download the Legacy View app to view and change valve settings, view water usage, and start a backwash on your system.