Get Softer Water With Our Water Softening Systems

Water softening & water conditioning treatment systems are used to take really hard water and soften it giving the customer much better quality shower and overall plumbing fixture water quality for your Charleston are home or business.

Get Rid of Soap Scum
Enjoy Softer & Better Smelling Laundry
Say Goodbye to Water Spots

Water Softening & Conditioning Charleston, SC

We are Charleston's premier water treatment systems pros. Our water softening & water conditioning systems are specifically designed to handle hard water in residential homes and commercial businesses.

Our water softeners can help resolve issues caused by hard water such as odors, clogged drains, soap scum in the shower, rough laundry, and water spots on dishes.

Call one of our water softener pros to get a free water quality analysis to help you determine if you have hard water and which water softener system is right for you.

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Schedule an in-home water test with one of our South Carolina LLR-licensed water treatment operators today to identify water problems and help determine which water treatment solution is the right fit for your home and family's safety.

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Water Softening FAQs

Here are some of the mot commonly asked questions about our water softening & conditioning systems from our customers

What Are the Signs I Have Hard Water?

Hard water just means that there is a higher than normal mineral content such as lime, magnesium, or calcium in your water. When you have hard water, these types of minerals might prevent detergent from dissolving all the way. The easiest way to tell if you have hard water is to see it and feel it. There may be a build up of white stuff around your faucets, or your laundry may look a little dirty, or it may feel like your hands are never fully rinsed off when washing your hands. You may also schedule a water quality test from a water treatment specialist to know for sure.

How to Fix Hard Water Problems

Once you have determined that you have hard water, there is only one way to fix water hardness problems and that is installing a whole house backwashing softener system. We offer affordable whole home water softener and conditioner systems to help you fix that hard water problem in your Charleston, SC home or business once and for all.